charles's Sustainability Impact

Country: USA
Joined: 2008-01-18

Sustainable Actions

charles is 0% more sustainable than the average person because of positive actions! People of industrialized nations emit about 11 tons of CO2 per year on average.

How do CO2 and Cash savings accumulate on a profile?

* The values in the chart above will increase daily, based on what actions are in the profile at the time. The values are the running total since charles joined YouSustain, broken down by month, up to the current day. The savings for an action only start to get counted from the day it was added.

Sustainable Action CO2 Savings
per year
Cash Savings
per year
None yet.
Estimated Savings per year 0 kg $0
Estimated Savings per month 0 kg $0
Estimated Savings per day 0 kg $0

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Carbon Footprint

No data yet entered for carbon footprint. Find it using the calculator.

charles's total estimated impact since joining YouSustain:

CO2 reduction: 14 kg
Cash savings: $0
YouSustain awards earned:
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Sustainability Challenges

charles is part of the following sustainability challenges:

Turn off unused work computers at night

Many of us leave our work PCs on all the time, which wastes a lot of energy.
Completed. Started 2008-01-18
Approximate CO2 reduction: 14 kg, Cash savings: $0.
Times Completed: (1)

Help the environment with your TV

Turn off the red or green lights on your TV or DVD player.
In Progress. Started 2008-01-31
Approximate CO2 reduction: 3 kg, Cash savings: $0.5.
Times Completed: 0

Walk or Ride a Bike To The Store

Don't Drive to Any Store within 2 mile
In Progress. Started 2008-01-31
Approximate CO2 reduction: 6 kg, Cash savings: $1.3.
Times Completed: 0

Total estimated impact from completed challenges: 14 kg CO2 and $0. These are included in the total impact and chart.

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