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Choose to Drive the Most Fuel-Efficient Cars of 2009

A list of the most efficient cars this year, broken down by vehicle category.

Five Ways To Make Bike Commuting Easy

Good tips for commuting to work by bike. Addresses some of the intimidating factors that tend to keep people away.

Algae-Powered Jet Proves Biofuel in Continental Test

Continental airlines completed a test flight using algae-based biofuel and noted that the power output was higher than traditional jet fuel.

Gas Pains: Mileage Myths and Misconceptions

Examining some tips for saving fuel

Mythbusters Electric Cars vs. Gas Vehicles

Great article, by one of the Mythbusters, on a real-world comparison of gas vs. electric motors and vehicles.

Drive Smart: Fuel Savings Add Up

A list of fuel saving tips for your car.

The Future of Oil

This article has a very interesting graphic (called "Burning Through Oil") with great stats about oil consumption and American commuting habits.

Top 9 Gas Savings Tips to Help Save the Environment and your Wallet

This is a good list that contains more than the standard tips that show up in every other article.

Top 10 2008 Hybrids

A great ranked list of the top hybrids for 2008. Includes cost/benefit comparison as well.

Emission Facts: Average Annual Emissions and Fuel Consumption for Passenger

Figures on emission rates of various by-products of gas-powered vehicles. Includes yearly averages per vehicle. Stats are from the year 2000 but are relatively unchanged.

Walk Score - How much is within walking distance of a property

Walk Score shows you a map of what's nearby and calculates a Walk Score for any property.

Calif. Court Rejects Lax SUV Mileage Rules

A federal court in California yesterday rejected the Bush administration's new fuel economy standards for light trucks and SUVs, ruling that they failed to take into account the effects of carbon emissions and their possible link to global warming.

In Copenhagen Bicycles Overtake Cars

As a result of half a century of planning, Copenhagen has achieved a fabulous cycling goal - during the morning rush hour more bikes and mopeds pound the inner city streets than personal cars and buses.

Cheapest New Cars in Norway Are Electric

Norway has a great new small car that's electric and doesn't cost more than it's competition.

U.S. Fuel Economy Stagnant for 12 Years

U.S. fuel economy has not changed significantly since 1994 and cars and trucks are burning as much fuel as ever despite the turmoil in energy markets and sky-high gasoline prices, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The most fuel-efficient vehicles tested by the EnerGuide program

The annual EnerGuide Awards, administered by Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency, are presented for the most fuel-efficient vehicles for the current model year.

Safe streets: Not pedaling can kill you

A good comparison of the risks of riding a bike. Has hard data on the fatality rate for various forms of transportation and activities. Biking fares very well.

Hybrid Vehicle - Wikipedia

This Wikipedia article has a lot of good information about hybrid technology.

Honda to present the production-ready Hydrogen powered FCX at LA auto show

At the Tokyo Motor Show opening, Hondaòùs President and CEO, Takeo Fukui, announced that Honda will be one of the first carmakers in the world to launch a production hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. The car will be a production version of the FCX Concept.

Volvo ReCharge Plug-In Hybrid Concept Car

It's called the ReCharge, a concept car from Volvo to be unveiled officially next week at the Frankfurt Auto Show, it's a plug-in hybrid with a battery-only range of 100 km before you need to have the car's four-cylinder 1.6-liter Flexfuel engine kick
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