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Payoff for Efficient Cars Takes Years

"Analysts say the added cost of the new technologies is limiting the ability of fuel-efficient cars to gain broader appeal."

G.M. Again Pauses Production of Chevy Volt

"General Motors said on Friday that it planned to halt production of the Chevrolet Volt for five weeks beginning later this month because dealers had more than they needed."

8 Facts and Myths About Warming Up Your Car in Winter

Should you warm up your car in winter? It's common practice, but you may be surprised at the consequences.

Vehicle Costs Data

Excellent data on the overall costs of driving/owning a vehicle.

VW Unveils its Electric Car: Test Driving the Golf Blue E-Motion

Test drive with the new electric Golf slated for production in 2014.

GM exec predicts 60,000 Volt models built in '12

General Motors Co. said today it may increase previously announced production plans for the extended range electric Chevrolet Volts.

Never Mind the Naysayers: The Chevy Volt is Excellent

Behind the wheel, we find that GMs highest-profile concept car has become a refreshing, radically different kind of production vehicle

'Stop-start' system coming to U.S. cars

"A relatively simple and inexpensive fuel-saving technology from Europe will soon be introduced on vehicles in North America, engineers say."

7 Ways My Clunker Is Smarter than a Hybrid

"Id like to explore just seven ways in which my old clunker may be a smarter choice than even the newest hybrid"

More myths busted about electric cars

9 myths about electric cars examined

Early EVs Won't Need Many Public Charge Points, Says NYC

"Early adopters do not appear to need a high-density public charging network. ... the study suggests that the earliest consumers will be willing to change their driving behavior and parking location, given their strong desire to purchase EVs."

Best way to reduce emissions is to make cars smaller

A study on the near-term impact of newer technologies versus a change in consumer buying habits.

Choose to Drive the Most Fuel-Efficient Cars of 2009

A list of the most efficient cars this year, broken down by vehicle category.

Five Ways To Make Bike Commuting Easy

Good tips for commuting to work by bike. Addresses some of the intimidating factors that tend to keep people away.

Algae-Powered Jet Proves Biofuel in Continental Test

Continental airlines completed a test flight using algae-based biofuel and noted that the power output was higher than traditional jet fuel.

Gas Pains: Mileage Myths and Misconceptions

Examining some tips for saving fuel

Mythbusters Electric Cars vs. Gas Vehicles

Great article, by one of the Mythbusters, on a real-world comparison of gas vs. electric motors and vehicles.

Drive Smart: Fuel Savings Add Up

A list of fuel saving tips for your car.

The Future of Oil

This article has a very interesting graphic (called "Burning Through Oil") with great stats about oil consumption and American commuting habits.

Top 9 Gas Savings Tips to Help Save the Environment and your Wallet

This is a good list that contains more than the standard tips that show up in every other article.
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