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How Much Solar Power is Available to Us?

"This infographic provides an interesting high-level look at just how much energy the sun could provide. If only we were able to better harness it!"

CO2 Emissions Report

Good data on the emissions from the different methods of generating electricity.

New Solar Power Technology that will Cut Costs

"Here are three solar innovations that are making this type of renewable energy more affordable, easier to obtain, and more efficient for generations to come."

What if Solar Power had Fossil-Fuel-like subsidies? [Infographic]

Comparing subsidies paid to the fossil fuel and solar industries.

How To Go Solar Without A Huge Investment

Using solar technology is a daunting project for most people due to the perceived cost and expertise involved. But, you can leverage solar without needing to take your home off the grid.

Solar panels you can install with a clear conscience

"Toxic pollution and links to the arms trade - not all solar panel suppliers are ethically sound. Simon Birch offers some consumer guidance"

Solar at Home: Solar panels for the rest of us

Great idea: solar panels with their own inverters, which eases installation and makes them useful in more scenarios.

Solar Power Costs 50% Lower in 2009 than 2008

New research by a leading alternative energy research firm finds that solar power will cost less by about 50% at the end of 2009 compared to the end of 2008.

Solar Power When the Sun Goes Down?

The holy grail of renewable energy is a solar power plant that continues producing electricity after the sun goes down.

Dow Unveils Impressive New Powerhouse Solar Shingle

A new style of solar panel that can replace traditional shingles will be available by mid-2010

Advanced Solar Panels Coming to Market

Detailing the status of Nanosolars new design and production techniques.

New battery could change world, one house at a time

A new generation of deep-storage battery that's small enough, and safe enough, to sit in your basement and power your home.

Steering sunbeams

Good analysis of the current cost/benefit of a full home solar installation.

Going Solar: One Year Later

Good description and lots of data about a home partial solar conversion.

How We Achieved - 9% Return On Investment Using Solar Panels

Interesting real-life example of the savings of solar panels installed at home.

Average Retail Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customers in the US

Great reference: breakdown of US electricity costs by region, state and sector

Solar hot water details and history

Good Wikipedia article on solar water heaters. Technology and history are covered.

Learn about Wind Power and Wind Turbines

Resource detailing the clean energy conversion of wind into electricity using wind turbines for the benefit of future generations and the environment.

Solar-Powered Air Conditioner

Finally, a company has built and released a solar powered air conditioner unit.

The power and the glory

Renewable energy may be the next economic boom.
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