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This is a list of articles, how-to's, research papers, etc, all related to sustainability. The best of these articles get associated with sustainable solutions as a source of reference.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Candidates On Energy Policy

Comparing Obama and Romney on energy policy

Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis (video)

Gore's latest presentation on climate change, with evidence that it may be progressing faster than scientists recently thought.

European energy | Hot air

THE EU revealed on January 23rd how it plans to save the world. A mammoth climate-change plan spells out in detail how much pain each of its 27 members will have to bear if the EU is to meet ambitious targets set by national leaders last March.

Sustainable Answers from Tom Seager

An interesting interview with Tom Seager, who teaches classes on sustainability science, giving a good point of view on what sustainability means.

Ontario changes environment ministers

We won't have Laurel Broten to kick around any more as Ontario Minister of the Environment; She of the Garage Mahal and driveway full of SUV's has been dumped in favour of John Gerretsen, who has a decent environment record.

Environment ministers target 2009 climate treaty

An informal meeting of environment ministers in Indonesia has accepted the need for negotiations on a new treaty to fight climate change to be wrapped up by 2009, a U.N. official said on Thursday.
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