Are you a Sustainability Guru?

A fun and educational game about green topics. How much do you really know?

Level 1

Where do current Hybrid vehicles get the energy to drive?

Pick the best answer

  1. Solar cells on the roof
  2. Hydrogen
  3. Gas and electricity stored in batteries
  4. Corn
We will be continually adding more questions so make sure to play again!
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The Game

Each correct answer increases your score and gets you closer to the next level.
Each incorrect answer decreases your score.
The maximum possible score is 50 and is the Guru level.
You can answer as many questions as you like. Eventually questions will repeat after we run out of new ones for you.
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Members get one of 6 levels: Newbie, Trendy, Devotee, Scientist, Apostle, or Guru.
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