A Community Challenge on YouSustain is a way for businesses, local organizations or communities to work together towards sustainability. It gives your sustainability effort a distinct presence on the web, which allows collaboration, accumulation of combined impact, and a more social experience.

Community Challenge Levels

Bronze Level


  • A customizable landing page for your sustainability effort
  • Publish custom content such as local news or calls to action
  • View the combined impact of all challenge members
  • Can be private or publically listed
  • A badge and graph showing community impact that can be embedded on other sites
  • A message forum for members
  • Free

Silver Level

All Bronze Features, Plus...

  • Customizable look and feel
  • Customizable directed sign-up and pre-requisites
  • Nested challenges, for example various levels to attain
  • Detailed reporting of community impact (see an example)
  • Contact us for pricing

Gold Level

All Silver Features, Plus...

  • Customizable site theme (header/footer) for your users, which maintains your branding
  • Contact us for pricing

If you would like to start a community challenge please contact our Administrator and we will work with you to get it started - it's easy!

Sustainability Challenge

Public Community Challenges

If there is a challenge for a community to which you belong, join and please invite your friends.

Eugene Mayor's Carbon Challenge

Building a sustainable community in Eugene by working together
Members: 175.
Created: 2008-07-30.

FLIK PSP Initiatives

The FLIK Personal Sustainability Initiatives
Members: 671.
Created: 2010-05-12.

SLATERPAULL Architects 2014 Green Challenge

Personal Sustainability Challenge
Members: 23.
Created: 2014-03-17.