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Length: 30 days.
Associated with: Conservation and Efficiency
Junk mail is more then just useless, from the production from trees to the distribution in trucks, it is also significant CO2 offender. According to, 1 million trees are used to create junk mail each year, and the average adult gets 19 kg of junk mail per year. Cutting down on this waste saves up to 104 kg of CO2 every year. Reduce the amount of unsolicited mail you recieve and save CO2 by completing this two step challenge.

Step 1- Post a "No Junk Mail" sign on your mailbox. This should eliminate much of your unwanted mail.

Step 2- Attempt to remove your name from any junk mail that does make it into your box.

This will save 8.5kg of CO2 in a month. Although for most there is no cash savings, one contributor on advises to include a notice on your mailbox that unsolicited mail will carry a $75 processing fee, and follow up by sending an invoice to the offending company.


The estimated impact each time this challenge is completed: 9 kg / 19 lbs CO2 reduced and saving up to $0!
All completions of this challenge have reduced approximately 1.67 tons CO2 and saved up to $0!

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