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Length: 7 days.
Associated with: Nature and Environment, Recycling
Taking care of organic waste at home is the most cost effective means available because it saves money on collection, transportation and processing. The benefit to the environment is considerable as it creates a resource by returning organic material to the soil, which improves the health of plants in yards and gardens and saves water. Home composting also lets you save money because you have to buy less fertilizer and compost.

A lot of us are already probably pretty good at composting, but cold weather and iced over composters may make it more of a challenge in the winter. Take the challenge to collect and compost all organic waste you produce in your home for a week. Diverting 10% of your waste to the composter rather then the landfill provides a savings of 1kg CO2. You will save a little bit of money by producing compost to use in the spring, and the city will save from not collecting and processing your garbage.


The estimated impact each time this challenge is completed: 1 kg / 2 lbs CO2 reduced and saving up to $0.5!
All completions of this challenge have reduced approximately 529 kg CO2 and saved up to $264.5!

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Current members: 118
Created: 2007-12-16 14:48:33
Administrators: Alisa
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