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Length: 30 days.
Associated with: Renewable Energy, Transportation, Conservation and Efficiency, Recycling

Commit to reducing your overall carbon footprint by at least 5% for one month and you will qualify to purchase a Carbon Footpin. The Footpin is a symbol of your commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Details of the pin and photos are available at Carbon Footpin.

Once you have joined the challenge a link will be provided where you may purchase the footpin.

The calculation of CO2 savings is based off an average of 41,500 lbs (18,863 kg) CO2 emissions per year, from an average household of 2 people. A 5% reduction over a month would result in 172 lbs (79 kg) less CO2 emitted.

Here is a good way to calculate your base carbon footprint: EPA Individual Emission Calculator, and then you can find and calculate the impact of positive actions on the YouSustain Calculator.


The estimated impact each time this challenge is completed: 79 kg / 174 lbs CO2 reduced and saving up to $0!
All completions of this challenge have reduced approximately 10.03 tons CO2 and saved up to $0!

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Current members: 45
Created: 2008-07-09 23:49:57
Administrators: NeilT JiminEugene
Sustainability Challenge
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